So you wanna buy my book…

Sometimes I get a little carried away and forget to do something important. For example, I create a blog about my book and my writing and I start posting random blogs… and totally forget to do the simplest thing. Like let anyone who reads this blog know where they can pick up the book I often mention. Rookie mistake on my part. So, that is what I am going to do now, while it is still fresh in my mind. As long as I can avoid shiny things I can get through this…


So, firstly, I want to list Not only can you purchase the download straight from the smashwords library, but you can also get to it from one of the retailers it, so kindly, distributes to for me. The price is 2.99USD at each site and you can choose to either read it directly from your browser or download it to the format you need for your device (including android!). The only drawback is that, if you want to purchase it directly from the smashwords library, you MUST register an account with and sign in. However, it is completely free AND has many titles you can also look into, some of which are completely free to download.

Step 1: Go to and sign up for your free account.

Step 2: Look up Deny the Moon ( or click here! ).

Step 3: Purchase copy, Download, and enjoy!

As I mentioned, you can also kind it through participating distributors such as:

  • Kobo books
  • Barnes and Noble Nook
  • Oyster
  • Flipkart (India)
  • Overdrive

Next, I want to spotlight  Even though they are, technically, distributed by Smashwords, I thought they warranted their own little mention because of just how revolutionary they are. Think of Scribd as a Netflix for books. You pay a subscription fee and you get unlimited access to an extensive library, OR, you can also buy individual titles. The services are definitely worth a try and you can even get a free 30-day trial! For people, like me and my husband, who eat up books like McDonald’s french fries (or tofu for you health nuts) this is a great way to indulge yourself without killing your pocketbook. And, yes, Deny the Moon IS available on there as well 😉

Lastly, you can find Deny the Moon in the Kindle store. Yes, I finally broke down and decided to distribute with Amazon. I am not going to pretend to understand all the hub-bub that has been going on between Amazon ebook publishing and the self-publishing world. All I know is, if you want to get a reach, Amazon is the place to go. Everyone, at least, knows the Amazon/Kindle name. It is also the ONLY way for Kindle users to get access to my work so it was a no-brainer. Just look up Deny the Moon (or, again, click here for the easy way click here) and go through the downloading steps.

Where else can you find Deny the Moon?

Although it isn’t a place you can actually buy the book, you can find it on Goodreads is an online book club, so to speak. You can rate and review thousands of books, talk to authors, fill your “shelf” with books you would like to read, and even have books recommended to you based on your books ratings. It is a superb resource for the little bookworm in you.

There is also another surprise in the works but, for now, I will just leave you on the edge of your seat. Tata!


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