Goodreads Review: The Least Envied (Songs Unsung book 2) by Sean DeLauder

So, I have been doing some reading and reviewing on (I absolutely adore this site, BTW) and have come across this one, particular, work that I would like to share.


It’s not everyday you come across a book like this one. I will admit this is the first of the Songs Unsung series that I have read so I am uncertain of the prior installments, or their relevance to this particular book, but from the word “Go” I was delighted by a gift of eloquent language and a unique setting. Though not my normal taste in novels, I could tell this was special. Something bookworms of any flavor should give a try.

DeLauder entrances his readers with beautifully shaped worlds and characters. His ability to let description flow from his hand is as skillful as an artist with paints and brush. A natural and masterful wordsmith, he breathes life into the lifeless and color into the mundane, allowing you to fully immerse yourself into this dead, dusty, drab world that is anything but. His use of language turns this book from just another novel to near-poetry.

The creatures and persons imagined by the author are unlike anything I have read or seen in any media and still manage to be believable enough and not so overdone with frills and bells and whistles that you question their probability. I could see the Wogs, for example, very much alive in a movie. They are unique, oddly captivating in their existence, and curious to the reader. At least, they were for me.

The bottom line of the story is not wholly unique but is different enough that you can follow along Andrew and Billy-Bob’s journey without even the slightest feeling that you’ve heard this story before. Many works are about the battle between Good and Evil, it is the underlying theme in almost every work created, but this book manifests Good and Evil into tangible things, things to question and doubt, it gives them a very real presence almost as if these ideas were characters themselves.

The ending of the book was not easily predicted or cliche. It was artfully worked, giving just enough twists and turns to keep it fascination. While this is a great quality, my one warning/criticism would be sometimes it felt a little too complex. I admit becoming lost more than a few times and having to re-read segments until understanding dawned on me. This could very well be chalked up to the unconventional intelligence the Author holds when constructing this story.

In summary, if you enjoy the unique, the fantastical, the strange, and sometimes mind-boggling… then you should enjoy this book immensely. And the refreshingly honest and humorous About the Author at the end is just an added bonus.


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