Duckicorn! The legend is real!

So this isn’t going to be like my previous blogs. Sometimes something happens in your life that you just have to put out there. Something magical. And when this magic happens, you have to tell the world. Even if they call you crazy. Even when they say it can’t happen. You must tell everyone you can… because that’s how legends are born.

So it all started with autocorrect, as all the best stories do, and my really bad habit of talking to make a sailor blush. Apparently, one day I was ranting to one of my close friends via text and my phone decided I needed to watch my mouth. This pretty much meant that everytime I dropped the F bomb it would replace it with “Duck”. As in, “This mother ducking ducker needs to get his ducking head out of his ducking ass before he gets ducked up.”

From that point on, I have been referred to as Duckie.

And then there is my friend who decided to jump online after a night of inhebriation. What is the old saying, now? Friends don’t let friends drunk dial? Well, I for one am glad that no one ever told me friends didn’t let friends drunk post on facebook because I am a horrible friend and my favorite little drunk friend ended up posting something along the lines of  “I’m wandering around the house drunk, and putting my middle finger on my head. I’M A UNICORN!!”

So she is now my favorite Unicorn.

Now this has been, what our mutual friend, has called a hell of a love affair ever since. She is actually listed on my phone as Unicorn. She sends me cute adorable pictures of ducks. It’s a thing, now. If only I’d known just how much of a sense of humor fate had.

So my family and I are sitting, waiting to be seated at a restaurant WE’VE NEVER BEEN TO BEFORE and my kids ask for change for the games and crane machines. I stand up to check it all out and what do I find?


Yes, that is a vast ocean of rubber duckies!!! But that isn’t the best part. I only thought it was awesome because it was ducks and, hello, Duckie! So I snapped a pic and sent to my Unicorn for giggles. It wasn’t until after I sent it that I noticed something even more special inside.


Do you see it yet? So, after sending her this pic, my friend and I were spazzing about how ironic this was. But I couldn’t just leave it at that. No. So I popped in a dollar and tried my hand at it. It took two tries but…


BEHOLD! Our lovechild! The elusive and magnanimous DUCKICORN!

So this little baby was the talk of our chat for a few days and now currently holds a spot on the center of my dashboard (where my husband, the evil man he is, has made a game out of launching it around with sharp turns). And so the story ends here, right? RIGHT? NO! Fate had one more chuckle to bestow on me and my Unicorn. A couple of days ago, she took her children to ride go karts and have a day of fun and I received this picture.


WHAT ARE THE EFFING ODDS????? I know, this blog probably has a lot of you scratching your heads… and that is even if you made it this far. The point is, the universe has a brilliant sense of humor, sometimes, and works in the funniest ways. And it even has a way of making you smile when your day is really crappy. Just…. don’t ask me how Duckicorns are made… not enough therapy in the world for that.


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