G is for Grieving

This is going to be a short blog. When I first started writing this specific blog, I was beating my head into the wall looking for the right topic. Not finding anything that jumped out at me, I started an ode to one of the hunkiest men I’ve ever drooled over in my life: Gerard Butler. Yea, it was really a BS topic and was planned out to be 90% images of the smoldering Scotsman. It was while I was writing this really non-important blog that I received some heart-breaking news from work.

I work at a very special home full of very special people. For the last 3 years, I have grown to love these “kids” as if they were a part of my family. Over the last year we had lost two of those members of our family and, that day, another had passed far too soon. She was a beautiful girl and the news hit me much harder than I’d expected it to. I closed up my blog and hadn’t been back to write in it since that day.

I know the last blog I wrote (Q) focused on Quitting and excuses. Grief, in its many forms, is never considered an excuse in my eyes. I do not want anyone to mistake my meaning of this. When someone grieves they are having a phsyical, emotional, and often spiritual reaction to loss. Everyone grieves differently. Some shut down completely, others dive into opening themselves even more to their feelings. I am not blaming my grief for quitting the challenge, I am blaming myself for not continuing on when the grief began to lessen. Grief is not an excuse, it is an experience. Whether you work through your grief, or wait until the fog lifts to continue, it is not something to blame things on. After a discussion with my husband, I realized I was blaming my grief for my resident for making me not finish my blogs. I should have been blaming myself, instead, because I’M the one that almost gave up. Grief is natural. Grief is acceptable. Grief should never EVER be disregarded and belittled as being nothing more than an excuse.

I want to spotlight another blog before I wrap things up. Two years ago, my sister-in-law, brother, and their two kids, experienced, what I believe to be, the worst loss anyone can ever experience. A week before her due date, my niece Claudie returned to her eternal home. The devastation that ripped through the family was without bounds but Claudie’s mother has shown amazing strength and grace through these last two years. She has a blog about her journey through love, loss, and grieving and it is exquisite. Beautiful and bittersweet. I think no one has ever shown the beauty, the tribulations, and the journey as perfectly and remarkably as Alyvia has. Please take a few moments to pop over to her blog and see what I mean.



A happy update for this family: A week ago, Claudie, Henry, and Amelie became a big brother and big sisters and I became an auntie again to a chubby-cheeked little boy. My heart swells for them and my brother and sister-in-law. Can’t wait to get to meet the little guy ❤


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