A request from a friend of a fan

So, I know this woman. She is an AMAZING woman. She is funny, witty, fierce, and incredibly intelligent and imaginative. No, I am not talking about yours truly (hard to imagine, I know). I am talking about my one and only Unicorn. We met each other just this year and, already, there is a kindred connection to her. I’m not about to go pouring on about soulmate-like friendship or any of that nonsense… I just want to point out how incredible she is. She, like myself, is starting out on her journey to becoming a published author. She took the harder, and more courageous, road than I did and sought traditional publishing. Watching her go through the trenches is awe-inspiring to me.

Even though she often jokes about burning her works (put down the matches, Amber) I can see how much of her heart she puts into it. She goes through the lows with more grace than I could ever believe I would have and, when she is filled with muse and the words flow out, she is something fierce and inspiring. If not for her, I would likely have given up my own journey in so many ways.

Her writing blows me away and I am blessed to be a part of it. Yes, she also does the Harry Potter RP that I, so often, rave about but, when she writes it, I don’t feel like I am reading any sort of fanfic. Her writing pulls me to another world, one of her own making. The complexity in which she defines her stories is captivating.

But it isn’t her writing that makes her stand out alone.


My Unicorn is  Super-mom. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen plenty of mothers and been in awe of how they do what they do. I’m not discounting any one person, but what Unicorn has done, and continues to do each day, is something every mother should strive for. I know I do. She was blessed with three beautiful kids, kids that I won’t hesitate to call prodigies in my humble opinion. The longer I know her, the more I get to see just how much she gives, works, and sacrifices for them. Between getting her oldest set up for a European (!!!) tour for the Indiana Ambassadors of Music, girls scouts for her middle girl, and a rang of other activities that keeps them on the go, I don’t know how she finds the time to write with us. And if all of that extra-curricular stuff isn’t enough… there is also her son.

To keep a long story short (and because I am still learning everything about the situation and would hate to state the wrong thing) her youngest was born with a variety of complications, including Hydrocephalus– A build-up of fluid in the cavities deep within the brain– and a club foot. Each time she tells me of a surgery (of which there have been MANY in his young 7 years of life) or a procedure, of him reverting or becoming ill or hurt, I feel my heart break a little. But the cracks are quickly repaired by the happier tidbits. His personality, and how he interacts with his sisters, can’t help but put a smile on your face. He is one of the strongest little boys I’ve ever heard of. One thing Unicorn and I agree on is that the term “special needs”– though technically identified due to his health– does not fit him. He is her “little super hero” and I can’t agree more.

Her super hero is about to have another surgery. One of countless others. Recovery will not be easy for him, or her. His energetic little 7-year-old self is bound to a wheelchair for quite a long time while he heals and the amount of help and extra care he will need from his mom is phenomenal when you add up her usual day-to-day super-mommying. With so much extra stress and difficulty (let’s not forget that she has two other children and it’s summer vacation! Oy!) she needs her outlet.

She needs those brief respites where her magic pours out and becomes real. She has much self-doubt (what self-respecting author– budding or otherwise– wouldn’t?) and many blocks in her path. Some days she bursts through the walls like a leading marathon runner in range of the finishing tape… others she sits comfortably and plays cards with her writer’s block.

There is one project she is starting up that I am incredibly excited for. One that, she herself, is also immensely worked up over. It’s not something either of us are too familiar with, way out of her comfort zone, but I believe it will be worth all of the head-scratching, the confusion, and the countless researching I know is ahead. If only I could get her motivated. If only she would let go of her doubt. And her excuses. Right now, her biggest (and my most favorite *giggles*) excuse she is using is “I can’t start until I know if Milo (as in Milo Ventimiglia) can do an Irish accent!”. Believe me when I tell you she has dropped some (not-so) subtle hints his way via twitter and I… well, honestly, I have been absolutely NO help with my inappropriate tweeting while he’s tagged *snerks*. However, since she is now letting this tiny little bump become the Everest of her inability to get started… I intend to bulldoze right over that shit. If everyone that reads this blog can do me a teeny tiny favor and hound Milo Ventimiglia wherever possible (*coughs* his twitter is @MiloVentimiglia *cough*) until he answers this very innocent question, then maybe my magical Unicorn ( *coughs* twitter handle @AmberWeaver75 *cough*) will come out from her Everest and get to work! Make sure you tag it with #oirishfeckinmess so she can see all of the support (which, you know, might also get her rear in gear).


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