The Future of Invisible to Indie-Author

The future is a scary place. It’s an unknown plane of existence that is the core motivation for the actions and decisions of today. Will it be what we work so hard for by the time it arrives? Or will it be a sad, and irretrievable, disappointment? There’s nothing that will guarantee a desired outcome. All you can do it gamble, cross your fingers, wish on a star, and make a deal with a crossroads demon; even then there is little chance of getting exactly what you wanted. Still, we are driven to attempt to achieve just that, in spite of the odds. Some manage to achieve victory, others become more flexible, and others, still, find a new path in the remnants of their previous hopes and goals. So, what can one do to make the very best chances for yourself?

Plan, Pursue, Reexamine, Adapt, Persevere, Repeat.

Granted, I’d be hard-pressed to say these are the only means of achievement. These are, however, my idea of what it should take. I, myself, am only just cresting the horizon of this journey and I am already seeing opportunities for improvement. So, what does all this mean for me, my blog, and my writing?

My blog started out as a newbie following the shouted orders of another blogger telling me I needed to blog to gain a readership. My plan was to use it as a soapbox to drive people towards my book. The more I reexamine this concept, the more I am realizing that… that’s just annoying. A blog should strive for interaction with the readers. No one wants to hear “buy my book” a hundred times a month. So I adapted to my new way of thinking and started posting as ideas came to me. While it was definitely more enjoyable, I soon realized that it made my blog chaotic. It wasn’t meant to be a personal blog talking about the ins and outs of my day, it was supposed to be a journey that other new writers could join me on, maybe learn something from my mistakes or victories. Cue another reevaluation.

As I stated in the drunken ramble of my last post, blogs certainly do have a place for an author but I am not of the belief that it is the end-all be-all of the trade. I do, however, think that I could do better than what I have been doing. Maybe, by starting with the blog, it will trickle down to better efficiency in my writing. Who knows. It couldn’t hurt, right?

These are the hopes I have for the future of my blog:

  • Author/Trade interviews. I have an interview in the works with an author that has published with Samhain Publishing. Hopefully, this will be the first of many and will achieve my goal of connecting new authors, like myself, to established names in the trade. Anyone from authors to editors is fair game at the moment.
  • A weekly themed blog post. I don’t want to be known as “that werewolf author”, especially since I have multiple works in the making and only one of them is werewolf-orientated. I am hoping that I will find a consistent theme in which I will make a scheduled post on a certain day. I’ve seen other bloggers use this method and it makes sense.
  • Reviews. I do not do enough reviews. I think this is a grievous shortcoming on my end. As an author, I love to read new things. As a reader, I love to tell others about books I enjoy. As a blogger, I’ve harped about how much authors need reviews to grow. In this last, I am sorely lacking.
  • Keeping it light. While I do wish to hone in on a certain theme for my blog overall, I still want to be me. So, yes, you can still expect the silly, off-topic, utter nonsense blogs from me. I think this is important for my readers to get to know the real me behind the process, but I will try to keep it contained to once a week (or month).

So, there it is. This is the future of this blog. Let’s see if I achieve, adapt, or find a new path shall we? Personally, I am excited to find out what’s in the unknown.


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